In 2004 Terry White realized he wanted to make a change and that he did. Terry decided to purchase a well-respected and established home improvement company. That is when The Original Lattimer Siding & Windows switched hands from Don Lattimer Jr. to Terry. Don Lattimer Sr. set out on a path in 1956 to grow and develop as the premium home improvement company in Champaign County, Ohio and the surrounding areas. In 1956, The Original Lattimer Siding & Windows was born. From roofing, to siding, windows, doors and more The Original Lattimer Siding & Windows began servicing clients from all over the Champaign, Clark, Logan, Madison and Union County, Ohio areas.

          Under Terry’s leadership, LCI continued to grow and maintain itself as in respected leader in the Urbana, Ohio area. Because of Terry’s knowledge and experience, homeowner’s knew that if they needed improvements done to their home, The Original LCI was the company to call. In 2019 Terry White and Lattimer Custom Installations merged with W. Allen Thrush and Thrush & Son: Complete Home Improvements out of Dayton, Ohio to become Thrush & Son: Complete Home Improvement / Latttimer Custom Installations: A Division of Thrush & Son.

          Thrush & Son was first founded in 1960 by Wilbur Thrush as Thrush Spouting. Like Don Lattimer Sr, Wilbur himself had the attitude that every job will be done with perfection and swiftness and quote, “Every customer will be satisfied!” In 1964 Wilbur Allen Thrush Jr., Thrush & Son’s current president and CEO, came into the world.  At the age of three, Wilbur began to take Allen with him everywhere he went, even to work. In 1989, Allen and his wife, Michelle, purchased Thrush & Son from Wilbur when he decided he wanted to venture into well drilling.

          Allen had the vision of what he was going to accomplish and knew how he would develop Thrush & Son’s reputation to be the finest home improvement company in the Dayton, Ohio area, as well as other areas. Under Allen’s guidance, Thrush & Son has successfully grown throughout the years from a company with a one truck into a nationally recognized home improvement business that has four locations in Ohio.

          With the merger of The Original Lattimer Custom Installations and Thrush & Son: Complete Home Improvement Company, the Urbana, Ohio area now has one businesses alone with 122 years of combined home improvement experience. So if you are interested in a new roof, siding, windows or more in the Urbana, Ohio area do not hesitate to call the home improvement company with the most experience, Thrush & Son of Urbana, 937.815.4612.

The History & How It All Began


"Here at Thrush & Son we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with quality products and superior craftsmanship. When we build a relationship with a homeowner, we believe in building a long lasting relationship for many years to come. These are a few of the reasons why Thrush & Son has been the trusted name in home improvements for over 59 years. For all of your complete home improvement needs, feel free to give us a call today and let us help you out with any future home improvement projects that you are planning." 

W. Allen Thrush